Providing Medical and Psychological Care for
Children, Adolescents, Adults, Geriatrics and
Families in Florida Since 1990.


"Compass Health Systems mission is to be the recognized leader in Comprehensive Behavioral and Medical Services by providing the highest standards of quality of care and customer service through innovation, caring, and a team of dedicated professional staff."


Quality outcomes and caring shall be the cornerstone of all services provided by Compass Health Systems. Ensuring safe and effective care of patients, Compass aims to serve the needs of all its patients and to remain in the forefront of preventing illness and promoting health and well being through care and treatment advancements.


The direction towards which our philosophy of care evolves is guided by the unprecedented sophistication in scientific advances which continue to change our understanding of the human brain, mental illness, and biochemical principles. We believe in the integration of a spectrum of interventions and the interdisciplinary collaboration of clinicians. The provision of a broad spectrum of accessible services attempts to enhance the development of health coping skills, adaptive mechanisms, and behavioral modification aimed towards impacting the psychosocial outcomes of acute and chronic illness, stressful lifestyles, complex social norms and mores, aging process, debility, conflicting demands of one's social roles and dysfunctional interactive patterns.


For appointments call (888) 85-COMPASS (888-852-6672)